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Woodpecker C-D

Woodpecker C-D

Long didjeridoo 1m88 !!! Plays on C first toot is D. Easy to get 4 toots without effort. Plays nicely,even though you need to be used to long didjeridoos in order to get the max out of this instrument, good bass and nice voice presence. The wood was in pretty bad shape but managed to recover it filling up all the holes and cracks before Epoxy. Mouthpiece and bell end are made of Epoxy resin with wood dust and natural pigments. 


  • Details

    Key: C/D
    Length: 188 cm
    Mouthpiece: 3 cm
    Bell: 8.5 com
    Wood: unknown

    Epoxy varnish on the inside and Epoxy resin on the outside.
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