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Ngongu Ganambarr Eb / G

Ngongu Ganambarr Eb / G


Gorgeous instrument that plays as good as it looks! Good mouthpiece. Medium high backperssure, this instrument is easy to play and responds perfectly to tonguing etc... has the feel of a higher pitch instrument. Bright sound , rich and full with that nice growly Arnhem touch if played properly. This stick is a good example of Ngongus's yidaki.  Ngongu is well known for the quality of his yidaki, selecting very specific trees with the right natural perfect bore for that trad dryish sound so caracteristic of yidaki. The painting on this stick is also another example of Ngongu's talent, he is an important low man for his clan, Datiwuy, and paints sacred designs from his father's country and his mother's country on his yidaki. 


Length: 135 cm 

Mouthpiece: 2,8 cm

Bell: 7 cm


Sound sample:

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