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Mikey Gurruwiwi/D*tj*rr* Wunungmurra C#/F#

Mikey Gurruwiwi/D*tj*rr* Wunungmurra C#/F#

Lovely yidaki by young talent Gunyanya (Mikey) Gurruwiwi. He is an amazing yidaki player and learns the skills of yidaki crafting with some of the best yidaki crafters from the region such as Datjirri, or Djalu. This stick is super light and is what I would call a proper old school yidaki. This tree needed just to be stripped of its bark and little more. The hollow is perfect. Nice low key yidaki which reminds of the old recordings. Definitely looking forward to future work from Mikey.
  • Details

    Wood: Stringybark
    Length: 150 cm
    Mouthpiece: 3 x 2,7 cm
    Bell: 5 x 4,5 cm
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