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Marikuku Wirrpanda F/G#

Marikuku Wirrpanda F/G#

Marikuku is a ceremonial yidaki player for the Dhudi-djapu clan. His skill as a player means he also has the knowledge to make top quality yidaki.
Marikuku works with Dhapa Ganambarr. They
produce fine quality yidaki.
This instrument is powerful, fast, loud and beautiful. It's quite heavy too! It has natural bore, just slightly opened on the bell end. It's very conical shape makes it a fast ripper, tuned in F!! Very easy toot, which you can switch with the drone very easily. This is a 'trad' lovers stick
  • Details

    Artist: Marikuku Wirrpanda
    Wood: Eucaliptus stringybark
    Key: F/G#
    Length: 141 cm
    Mouthpiece: 3 cm
    Bell: 9 cm
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