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Lirrpiritj Gondarra F/G

Lirrpiritj Gondarra F/G

Lirrpiritj is a talented yidaki player living in Dhalinybuy who sometimes produces yidaki for sale. 
This one is a beautiful little ripper! Very resonant, good bass, good harmonics and the toot is loud and powerful. Mouthpiece is wide and comfortable to play. This yidaki offers many possibilities for very different styles of playing didjeridoo. Artwork is also beautiful, all in all one of my favourite yidaki! It could fit any yidaki/didjeridoo collection!
  • Details

    Artist: Lirrpiritj Gondarra
    Wood: Eucaliptus Stringybark
    Key: F/G
    Length: 134 cm
    Mouthpiece: 3,6 cm
    Bell: 8,7 cm
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