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Larry Gurruwiwi E / F#

Larry Gurruwiwi E / F#

Powerful and fast Yidaki. Made by Leonnie Yunupinngu and Larry Gurruwiwi (Djalu's son). Perfect for fast trad style playing, exactly what Larry loves! Nice growling sound with good bass as well as harmonics; lovely pressure and easy toot, it just plays nicely! Dhapirrk! This yidaki has a quite small mouthpiece, so better be used to it! 
  • Details

    Artist: Leonnie Yunupingu and Larry Gurruwiwi
    Wood: Stringybark
    Key: E - F#
    Length: 152 cm
    Bell: 8 cm
    Mouth: 2.7 cm

    Painting: Gälpu armbands
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