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Larry Gurruwiwi D#/G

Larry Gurruwiwi D#/G

This is a heavy yidaki, it is a little choked in the middle so there is more wood giving it extra weight. Raw sound with nice pressure which makes it a good first yidaki in a low key for those having more trouble filling up with air big yidaki.Easy and fast transition from drone to toot.  it was made by Larry Gurruwiwi, Djalu's son, about ten years ago. Art is Datam or waterlilly from the Galpu clan painted by Dh****l Gurruwiwi. 
  • Details

    Length: 152 cm
    Bell: 8,2 cm
    Mouthpiece: 3,2 cm
    Art: Datham (water lilly) by Dh****l Gurruwiwi

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