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Juniper E / F

Juniper E / F


A very special didge, made from my favourite wood. This piece comes from my village in Spain. It grows very slowly in mostly dry conditions; the wood is not super heavy but very hard and makes great didgeridoos. My original idea for Termitadidjes when I was still living in Spain was to craft mainly juniper (cade) didges. This is the first of a new series of junipers coming in 2022. 

Nicely tuned in E, and spot on first toot as well. Medium pressure clear harmonics and easy toot. It's quite roomy, not too tight, really gives enough space for the voice. Respond nicely to attacks and responds much like yidaki. 


Length: 152 cm

Mouthpiece: 2,8 cm

Bell: 14x6 cm

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